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16556 Arminta St
Van Nuys, CA, 91406

Open Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tues-Fri: 4 - 9 pm

Sat-Sun 12 - 5 pm




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Sufficient Space (Formerly Hexlab Makerspace) is one of the best Makerspaces in greater Los Angeles and is the official base of operations of the "Sufficiently Advanced" YouTube channel, created by "Failed Mythbuster" Allen Pan.


Hexlab Makerspace was founded in 2013 by Mike Hexter, and was and continues to be a hub of innovation and creativity for small business owners, artists, hobbyists, and everyone in-between. Hexlab Makerspace shut its doors (almost for good) in October of 2018, before re-opening in Van Nuys and becoming Sufficient Space in October 2019 under the new direction of Allen Pan.


Sufficient Space continues its mission to provide high tech resources and the means of production to the Van Nuys and greater Los Angeles community, alongside STEAM youth education and of course, hosting all the outrageous content for Sufficiently Advanced.


Sun. 12 - 5

Mon. Closed

Tues. 4 - 9

Wed. 4 - 9

Thurs. 4 - 9

Fri. 4 - 9

Sat. 12 - 5